Unnati & Vishesh

Unnati  (उन्नति)

'Unnati' is a Hindi word that means progress. We believe that education is a critical key to this progress. Taking a big step in our commitment to helping children make progress by supporting  their education, we at Beyond Intent started the Unnati program in January 2015. The objective of the program is to sponsor students and fund their education in its entirety - from high school through undergraduate studies. For some students helped under this program, circumstances are so dire that BeyondIntent is the last door and if it doesn't open they will have to dropout, effectively ceasing their education. Beyond Intent identifies such students through a network of volunteers on the ground. We work with the students, their families and their institute in verifying their information. Once this is done, the funds are paid directly to the institute they are registered with, so the students can continue their education without any further interruption. 

Vishesh (विशेष)

In January 2016, one of our board member ,Stuti Kashyapa, had an opportunity to meet some of these students. She traveled to Islampur, Maharashtra, India - a five hour drive from Pune to meet our students - Sahil, Varsha and Maithili. On her way, she stopped to pay a brief visit to Vishwajeet, an 8 year old boy with special needs. She was deeply touched by Vishwajeet’s courage and determination. Despite the many challenges tha the faces due to poverty and his disability, Vishwajeet welcomes each day with cheer and laughter. Quick witted and charming, Vishwajeet dreams of going to school and becoming a police officer one day. After hearing Stuti’s account of Vishwajeet’s condition we realized that we needed a new project through which we could help Vishwajeet and many like him. Project Vishesh is our attempt on this mission

Our friends in this journey