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About us

We strongly believe that education is the most potent weapon against poverty and place a great value on higher education and its ability to bring about a social change. Our work began in January 2007 and received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in January 2008. Beyond Intent believes in helping the under-privileged and needy; but also those who have the potential but are lacking resources. While doing so, we also emphasize that those who receive help, should in some way give it back to the society and hope that this ‘circle of help’ continues to grow as more and more people receive aid. While there are quite a few non-profit organizations that aim their efforts towards primary education, there are not many that work for students who aspire for higher studies. 

Our organization believes that to truly uplift a community one has to look beyond just basic literacy; the community will prosper only if its people pursue education. Education not only helps the individual succeed and grow but the society as a whole. Beyond Intent is also open to support students in need of primary and/or middle-level schooling. Beyond Intent believes that a lack of good living conditions are the biggest impediments to education, hence it also plans to support projects, which will have a positive impact on improving the basic standard of living. The needs may be rudimentary but are a crucial requirement for a healthy living; therefore ‘Beyond Intent’ also plans to take up projects to improve the basic infrastructure like setting up clean water supply, etc 

This organization came into existence in January 2007 as a result of efforts by three San Diego based young engineers, Piyush Gupta, Satyanarayanan Ranganathan and Sandeep Kolte. 



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