$7500 / $7500 raised Pune, India

Sponsor an English Language Teacher at Sumati Balwan

  • July 04 , 2012


Cost : $7,500 Status: Funds Transferred

Sumati Balwan is an orphanage located in a remote village in Katraj valley near Pune, India. Due to limited resources, poor infrastructure,remote location and lack of public transport, the orphanage management has been finding it difficult to hire a good teacher to teach English language. This project aims to sponsor a teacher for the next three years to teach English to the students

Project Description


In April, 2011, one of our coordinators, Sandeep Kolte, visited the Sumati Balwan on outskirts of Pune, India. Beyond Intent has been associated with Sumati Balwan for some time now and has successfully completed ‘Path To Bright Future’ project at this site by building two classrooms. During his visit and discussions with the teachers and the students, one student brought up an issue that the school does not have a language teacher for English. Due to limited resources, poor infrastructure, remote location and lack of public transport, the orphanage management has been finding it quite difficult to hire a good teacher to teach English language. Hence teachers are reluctant to join the school unless offered a higher salary. However this higher salary is unaffordable to the schools modest budget. Beyond Intent board has decided to take up this project to sponsor a teacher for the school for next three years. Beyond Intent has opened a branch in India and our volunteers will be responsible to monitor the overall project. Sumati Balwan management will be responsible for hiring the teacher, monitoring the performance and ensuring the student’s progress.


For the salary of $2500 a year the orphanage management will be able to hire a good teacher who will teach English language to students. To hire a good teacher, salary needs to be approximately Rs. 10,000 / month. This converts to $200 / month. For three years the cost will be approximately $7200. This figure is exclusive of variation in exchange rates, inflation and miscellaneous expenses. Considering other costs, Beyond Intent has decided to raise $7500 to sponsor this project.


Beyond Intent raises funds and awareness about the project and Sumati Balwan school’s efforts in providing education to underprivileged. Sumati Balwan will locate, interview and hire right candidate for this position without help in this regard from Beyond Intent Beyond Intent will monitor the progress of students twice a year. Site visits, simple quiz and review of student’s progress report cards will be required. Beyond Intent may employ an outside agency for such tasks or may assign this responsibility to a volunteer.

Beneficiary Institution

Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha – Sumati Balwan

Contact Information:
Dr. Sharayu Ghole, President
Address Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi,
Taluka- Haveli, Katraj, Pune-411046, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +(91) 202 437 4392 ,+(91) 202 437 3507

Cell Phone: +(91) 937 373 15

Project Coordinator

USA Contact
Sandeep Kolte
Phone: (001) 619 341 0836
Email: sandeep@beyondintent.org

Local Contact
Dr. Sharayu Ghole,
President Address Gujar-
Taluka- Haveli, Katraj,
Pune-411046, Maharashtra, India

Pavan Namburi
Phone: (001) 858 692 9935
Email: pnamburi@beyondintent.org

Cell Phone :+(91) 202 437 4392
Phone: +(91) 202 437 3507
Cell: +(91) 937 373 1595

Vinit Samel
Phone: (001) 619 713 4848
Email: vinit@beyondintent.org

Brief Overview
Dr Sharayu Ghole, a gynecologist by profession with 6 other like-minded people established “Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha” to try to give back to the society. In the year 1995, she came to know about “Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi” village through one of herpatients. Initially, she started providing medical help to this village. Going further with her noble cause, in the year 2001 she started a ‘HOME’ where 16 underprivileged children currently reside. Eventually, a school named ‘SUMATI BALWAN’ to provide quality education was also started. Children from nearby areas also come here to get quality education.

Project Progress Status

Proposal Received: August 20th, 2011

Estimated Cost: $7,500

Project Status : Completed

Fundraising Event: Qualcomm Volleyball Tournament 2012

In July 2012, Beyond Intent organized a Volleyball Tournament at Qualcomm, San Diego to raise funds for this project. The Event was successful and Beyond Intent raised $1050 through this event from direct registrations. A sincere thanks to all the people who participated and made it possible. Special thanks to Mahesh Balakrishnan and Vinit Samel who helped Beyond Intent organize and drive this event to a success!

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