$12,640 / $12,640 raised Pune, India

Path To Bright Future – Sumati Balwan Project

  • October 15 , 2010


Cost : $12,640 Status Completed on October 15, 2010
Sumati Balwan is an orphanage located in a village in Katraj valley near Pune, India. This project aims to build a sanitation facility and classrooms for the children at Sumati Balwan. In the first phase, existing infrastructure will be upgraded. This includes providing a sanitation facility including building toilet blocks, sanitation and plumbing for toilets, septic tank/chamber and dry Otta (wash basins block). In the
second phase there are two classrooms to be built.

Project Description

What is the project about?
Beyond Intent plans to build a sanitation facility which includes building toilet blocks, sanitation and plumbing
for toilets, septic tank/chamber and dry Otta (wash basins block) to improve the basic living conditions of 16
underprivileged children between age group of 3-18 at Sumati Balwan. Currently, there are about one or two toilets and shower rooms. With the influx of additional children being admitted to Sumati Balwan this existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Also, the site where this Balwan is located is an underdeveloped in terms of schools, road conditions,transport etc. Therefore local children from Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi also come to Sumati Balwan to gain education. The facility even provides free transport to the children from Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi so that poor children could attend school. Balwan provides classes up to 10th grade. Sumati Balwan provides a variety of programs to children like different Indian dance forms, yoga, meditation, karate, science, Arts, English. The classes are small in number and focus on individual needs of the child.

Why support this project?
In the year 2008, Nilesh Kikle, a member of ‘Beyond Intent’ visited his hometown in India. One of his friends,
Hemant Botre who was a volunteer at Sumati Balwan asked Nilesh if he was interested to visit this orphanage. At that time, Nilesh was skeptical and asked if Hemant was sure if the funds were utilized properly. Hemant told him to visit the orphanage and then make an informed decision. They first met the president of Sumati Balwan, Dr. Sharayu Ghole – a practicing gynecologist who spoke passionately about mission, vision and the goals of Sumati Balwan. Nilesh was impressed with the work that she was doing for Sumati Balwan. He wanted to make a donation, but Dr.Ghole said “Nilesh, I am sorry that I cannot take your donation this way. I would like you to first visit the site and then think about the donation.” Nilesh says “I realized I was taking a short-cut by donating without visiting the site”. So they decided to visit the site. They travelled beyond the outskirts of Pune to visit the orphanage. They entered a rural area where one could notice untidy, unstructured roads, difficult to even walk, parked their car and climbed atop a hill to reach Sumati Balwan. There, they met the children whose ages ranged from four to fifteen. The children were bright; Nilesh felt that there was no reason why the little ones should be deprived of getting education and other very basic resources. He realized that philanthropy was more than just donating money and decided to actively get involved. He took up “Path to Bright Future” project, proposed it to Beyond Intent and got it approved and also acted as the project co-ordinator.

Beneficiary Institution

Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha – Sumati Balwan

Contact Information
Dr. Sharayu Ghole, President

Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi, Taluka- Haveli, Katraj,
Pune-411046, Maharashtra, India

+(91) 202 437 4392 +(91) 202 437 3507

Cell Phone
+(91) 937 373 1595

Project Coordinator

Dr. Sharayu Ghole, President
Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi, Taluka- Haveli, Katraj,
Pune-411046, Maharashtra, India
+(91) 202 437 4392
+(91) 202 437 3507
Cell: +(91) 937 373 1595
USA Contact
Mr. Nilesh Kikle
(001) 732 447 5792
nilkikle@gmail.com Local
Brief Overview
Dr Sharayu Ghole, a gynecologist by profession with 6 other like-minded people established “Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha” to try to give back to the society. In the year 1995, she came to know about “Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi” village through one of her patients. Initially, she started providing medical help to this village.
Going further with her noble cause, in the year 2001 she started a ‘HOME’ where 16 underprivileged children currently reside.
Eventually, a school named ‘SUMATI BALWAN’ to provide quality education was also started.
Children from nearby areas also come here to get quality education.

Project Progress Status

Proposal Received :- October 5th, 2008
Estimated Cost :- $12,000
Actual Cost :- $12,640
Completion Date :- October 15th, 2010
Project Status :- Completed

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