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  • November 22 , 2010


Cost :$2500 Status: Completed on Nov 22, 2010
Beyond Intent joined hands with Cultivating Brilliance Institute (CBI) in supporting the education
of intellectually gifted elementary school children hailing from low-income families at Darnall Charter School in San Diego,CA. We aimed to raise $2,500 that provided one on one tutoring by specialized tutors to support OPEN GATE and Parents’ PLACE programs at Darnall Charter School. These children were tested regularly through grade 2 to grade 5 annually via California Standards Test.

Project Description

What is the project about?
Beyond Intent joins hands with Cultivating Brilliance Institute (CBI) in supportingthe education of intellectually gifted elementary school children hailing from low-income families at Darnall Charter School in San Diego, CA.
Children of exceptionally high intelligence in low-income families are likely to have special needs that, if not met at an early age, may place them at high-risk of experiencing academic and emotional problems that can severely inhibit their development, especially when they are in the negative influences of impoverished neighborhoods. Unlike children with learning disabilities, children identified as highly intelligent do not automatically receive specialized classroom instruction despite clear evidence that they benefit from curricula tailored to their needs

Cultivating Brilliance Institute (CBI) launched a program called OPEN GATE (link to OPEN GATE in CBI) in 1998 recognizing that gifted students from low-income families are at an extraordinarily high risk, as they not only face the challenges of being ‘gifted’, but are also subject to problems and dangers that are inherent to their socioeconomic status. Through their expanded OPEN GATE and Parents’ PLACE programs, CBI has aimed to support many children at Darnall Charter School. Darnall Charter School, one of the oldest charter schools in San Diego, has many children hailing from low income families with diverse background.

Beyond Intent recognizes the efforts of CBI and so, has aimed to raise $5,000 that will provide 1-1 tutoring by specialized tutors to support the children participating in CBI’s expanded OPEN GATE programs and Parents’ PLACE programs at Darnall Charter School

Why support this project?
Beyond Intent is quite impressed with the key activities as well as the accomplishments of CBI’s OPEN GATE program and therefore, extended its willingness to support CBI. The OPEN GATE program conducted by CBI has a number of key activities during the school year, from September through May. Students of OPEN GATE program remain typically in the program for 3 years (3rd, 4th and 5th grade).

Key activities
1)Specialized Classroom Instruction
CBI identifies schools operating in low-income neighborhoods that don’t currently have GATE (link to GATE from wiki) classrooms. CBI works with these schools and school district to establish full-time classrooms taught by teachers trained to work with the brilliant children.

2)One-on-One Tutoring
OPEN GATE provides daily one-on-one tutoring by students from local universities who have been trained in seven specific strategies for teaching english literacy. OPEN GATE tutors are carefully selected and paired with students who frequently share their background, language, and/or life experience. In addition to providing academic guidance, they serve as important role models. Often a child’s tutor is the first person he/she has ever met who has attended college. As such they send a powerful message about the importance of education in a child’s future. Tutors receive thorough training, and learn how to work specifically with gifted students from diverse, low-income, and non-english speaking background.

3)English Literacy Strategies
A recent evaluation found three OPEN GATE literacy strategies had a significant effect on student academic gain with GATE students. San Diego City Schools now trains its GATE teachers with OPEN GATE program literacy strategies.

4)Accomplishments of OPEN GATE program
Advanced Placement Of the 250 students who have completed the program, 56 have been accepted to the Preuss School at UCSD, 6 have received full scholarships to Francis Parker School, and every single program participant has been accepted into a highly competitive accelerated middle school program. 80% of OPEN GATE high school seniors and juniors are college bound.

5)Student Progress
A recent evaluation from San Diego State University showed that OPEN GATE students, on an average, are entering the program with a GPA of 2.5, and exiting with a 3.4 GPA. On statewide standardization tests, Open Gate Students out-rank students of similar intelligence from higher income native English speaking families.

Beneficiary Institution

The Cultivating Brilliance Institute formerly Human Development Foundation (HDF).
Contact Information
Marjorie Fox, President
PO Box 231665 Encinitas, CA 92023
(760) 944-9224
Brief Overview
Cultivating Brilliance Institute (CBI) was founded in 1997 and launched its primary initiative, OPEN GATE, in partnership with San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) in 1998.
CBI provides two programs:
The OPEN GATE education program for gifted children from low-income families Parents’ PLACE, a program that supports OPEN GATE by helping parents to become active participants in their child’s education in the OPEN GATE program Since founding,
CBI has grown in the following ways:
135 students are currently served by CBI at four San Diego County elementary schools. OPEN GATE classrooms operate at Oak Park Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and Darnall Charter Schools in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), as well as Farr Elementary in the Escondido Union School District (EUSD). CBI has expanded the Parents’ PLACE program to Darnall and Farr Elementary Schools to increase the number of parents served.

Project Coordinator

Marjorie Fox
Phone: (001) 760 944 9224
Email: marjoriefox@opengatehdf.org
Website: http://www.cultivatingbrillianceinstitute.org

Project Progress Status

Proposal Received  :- August 7th, 2010 Estimated
Estimated Cost :- $5000
Actual Cost :- $2500
Completion Date :- November 22, 2010
Project Status :- Completed

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