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  • July 01 , 2015

Avani Children’s Home After Care Program

Anuradha Bhosle is the famous human rights activist of Kolhapur India who founded the AVANI organization in 1995 to defend underprivileged women and children . AVANI means Food-Clothing-Shelter. Anuradha’s AVANI School rescues Indian children from forced labor brickyards and sex trafficking and provides them with food and educational nourishment and provides them with the sense of belonging to a community, which they may never have had before.All of the children now attend school and thanks to the dedication of AVANI Director Anuradha Bhosale and others on her team, the children are thriving and exploring all of life’s possibilities beyond labor.


  • 2015-09 :Beyond Intent transfers Rs 24,150/- per child.
  • 2015-09 : Beyond Intent commits to supporting the following 5 children
    1. Akansha Kadam, 11th Grade,
    2. Amol Manohar, M.A. U.P.S.C.
    3. Mayur Kukade, 11th Grade,
    4. Rohit Kamble, 11th Grade,
    5. Rupali Power, 11th Grade,
  • 2015-08 : Project Proposal received for Avani Children’s Home After Care Program, requesting support of 5 children
  • 2015-07 : Initial approach and introduction. Pavan got in touch with Ms. Anuradha in Toronto in July of 2015, thanks to his Mother in Law!

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