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Unnati is an endeavor to encourage students to complete their school or college education by providing them financial support for the entire duration of the programs they are enrolled in.

Beyond Intent has been supporting existing non profit organizations like Sumati Balwan, Gangadhar Baba with infrastructural projects to aid the children. However, after a few recent projects where we supported needy and deserving students, it struck a chord somewhere within to focus our efforts more on individuals than organizations.

We decided to support students financially on individual basis for an entire duration of their degree programs or school years to encourage them to complete their education. And this intent gave birth to a program which we christened as “Unnati”.

“Unnati” the word has its roots in Sanskrit and means “Betterment”, “Progress”. And we would like to see the students who benefit from this program make significant progress in their lives and achieve their dreams!

The intention behind this endeavor is to motivate, encourage and financially support the education of the students who would otherwise drop out. Beyond Intent will commit to financially support students who are enrolled in a school or a degree program and will continue to support them till they complete their education. The intention is to relieve the families of these students from the financial burden of education.

There is no selection criteria as such besides the fact that the student should be enrolled in a school or a college and he/she comes from a family that is not able to provide the financial support to continue the education.

All the information submitted by a student is verified before we commit to offer them financial support. In most cases, we prefer to pay the tuition fees directly to the institution where the student is enrolled. Also, Beyond Intent attempts to keep the administrative costs to bare minimum ( less than 3 to 5%).

We encourage the students to concentrate on studies and get good grades to be considered next year, though this is not a strict requirement for application.

Beyond Intent has been supporting the following children. Minimal details of the children have been put up here, please feel free to contact us if you need information.

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