Is equal educational opportunities for all important to you?
Do you consider girls education a critical need?
Do you think providing children a safe environment to learn is vital?
Do you consider hands-on involvement and a long term commitment important factors in delivering educational aid?

Would you like to do something about it?

If any of these issues resonate with you, please help us solve them.

There are many ways to get involved and many ways to help, most of which are much easier than you think – right from just talking about it (it helps!) to investing your time, effort, expertise and most importantly, enthusiasm. Here are a few:

Current volunteer opportunities

Beyond Intent volunteers led by Sapna Goyani, along with Invictus Institute, are conducting online tutoring sessions for the students of Gangadhar baba orphanage. Starting with English education (a critical necessity in today’s employment landscape), this has now been extended to after school help in Maths and Science as well. You can read more here, details and requirements are listed towards the end. Please email us at if you would like to participate.

Beyond Intent volunteers have been conducting a volleyball tournament at Qualcomm since 2010. All proceeds go to sponsoring our deserving students. If you are a Qualcomm San Diego employee, please reach out to us at for more information.

Beyond Intent was formed by a group of individuals with a mission to help children pursue education and promote causes close to their heart. Over time we have seen that several others around us share the same sentiment of ‘giving back’ by encouraging education at the grassroots.

With that in mind, we would like to extend this initiative to all of our like-minded friends to support educational projects that mean the most to you. If you have any new projects in mind and would like to work with us on it, please step forward and bring in your ideas. You can use our Project Proposal Application here to outline the issue you would like to solve, along with a very brief outline of what you like to do. We will contact you once it is reviewed and if accepted, you can run the project as the Project coordinator or we can assign one or more folks to help you out.

Many good initiatives have come out of such requests and we look forward to turning more ideas into impactful action.

Daily things you can do (at no cost!)

Just spreading the word has a much larger impact than most people believe. The more people that know about us, the chances of some (or hopefully all) of them finding common goals and stepping up to participate increases exponentially.

Talk about us. We couldn’t stress this more. To step this up a notch, share some tangible information. Send your friends our brochure, link them to our website and Facebook page, share our newsletters.

We understand not everyone is in a position to make financial contributions at all times. If you have a desire to contribute, you can help us greatly by showing others why they should too. Be an advocate for the cause and a spokesperson for the children we support.

If your organization provides funding for charitable organizations in the education space, consider nominating us for any grants that you think we may qualify for. Please get in touch with us at and we can work with you further.

Events (bake sales, even weddings, parties, reunions etc.) are a great place to run campaigns (we can help with materials, ideas) – consider asking your friends and families to make donations in honor of those that are important to them.

The easiest way to donate funds at no additional cost. Add us as your preferred charity on Amazon Smile. Tip: Most browsers have plug-ins which will automatically re-direct you to the Smile site, regardless of which charity you support, this is a great way to ensure you don’t miss any contributions, small or big. Here are some for Chrome, Firefox.

Feedback from our friends is an invaluable way for us to keep improving ourselves and consequentially the service we provide to our students. Shoot us a note at to let us know how were doing

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