FundRaiser to support construction of library and lab at Sumati Balwan

In the true spirit of going from intent to make things happen, Beyond Intent led by one of the cofounders, Pavan Namburi, successfully raised $3625 on 09/28/2014 in San Diego. This was a one day volleyball tournament where each team made donations to help beyond intent succeed in its mission i.e. education for under privileged kids.

This tournament also gave Beyond Intent a chance to recognize efforts of one of our avid supporters, Mr. Mahesh Balakrishnan.
Mahesh’s efforts were recognized by the kids at Sumati Balawan, a school funded using the valuable donations from our patrons. Mahesh has been a key force behind our most success event of the year, 4 years in running.

Mahesh Balakrishnan

Fundraising Stats

127 – People participated in the games. Beyond Intent raised USD 2985 through this fundraiser. Breakdown of donations:

    – Each participating player donated USD 15
    – Total donations from participants: USD 1905
    – Total donations matched by employers of participants: $1080 (so far)
    – Donations made by Beyond Intent board: USD 700

Beyond Intent incurred USD 543 to organize the event. Breakdown of expenses is:

    – Medals for the top three teams: USD 101.01
    – Cost of Air Flight for one member of beyond team from San Francisco to San Diego: USD 310.20
    – Car Rental, to perform myriads of activities over a period of jam packed two days: USD 49.66
    – Petrol for the car: USD 31.18
    – Breakfast for organizers : USD 51.68

Pictures of the Event can be viewed at our Gallery

Report Written by : Abhishek Guglani

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