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Thanks for helping us support children in need.

Where does your money go?

Funds donated here will be used towards direct tuition fees for children supported under our Unnati program. Funds are typically paid directly to the school/college/university that the student in enrolled in.

How much does each child need?

Our students are enrolled in a range of programs starting from Primary school up to an undergraduate program in both public and private institutions. So, fees typically are also wide ranging from about $500-$2000 a year. All students are supported every year from the time they join us until they complete their schooling and collegiate degree so funds are needed each year.

What information can we provide about the children and the actual expenditures?

Our Unnati page outlines the program, and provides the background and needs of each of the students supported under it. To protect privacy of the child, we have minimal information posted here. For donors, we can provide more detailed information and updates on their progress, records of each disbursement and also arrange for some communication with the child (under supervision and guidance of a team member), if desired.
Please reach out to us at contact@beyondintent.org if you would like more specific information, we’re happy to talk to you.
All donations are tax deductible in the US.

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