Beyond Intent is a non-profit organization started in 2007, dedicated to the cause of education for children from under privileged and low-income communities (currently in India, though we are open to other locations too). We believe every child should have access to quality education, the resources to complete their entire schooling, and an ability to obtain meaningful employment. Unfortunately many children are denied these basic rights due to the circumstances of their birth. These are the problems we work to resolve. We hope you will join us!

‘Beyond Intent’ – Our mission


Most individuals have a basic Intent to give back to their communities. Our mission is to translate that Intent into action.
Our mission is also to go beyond just basic financial aid. We provide more complete, well-rounded support that will contribute to the holistic development of a child and to do in a way that is sustainable, aimed towards producing significant long term benefits.

We do this by:
1. Being involved (with the children, their families, their communities)
2. Providing mentorship (on a continual basis)
3. Enabling access to resources that improve quality of life (we want to ensure each child has a safe environment to learn in and apply themselves)
4. Investing in resources and skills that will lead to better employment opportunities (these children often need additional help to be able to compete with their more advantages peers)
5. Being committed long term (it is critical that all this support is provided every step of the way, every day)
We are now able to sponsor a child’s education in its entirety, starting from pre-primary up to collegiate level. This financial support is always accompanied by the key principles outlined above.

Our motivations and approach


The Government of India has declared Education a fundamental right – every child born in the country should have access to free and quality education.

This however remains an unfulfilled dream. In today’s hyper connected world, humanity’s quest for knowledge has broken unimaginable barriers on Earth, outer space, to even playing God. Yet, this progress has been soul crushingly uneven – millions of children the world over are still left behind with no access to basic education.

While literacy rates are citied to be climbing, this is woefully inadequate. Basic ability to read and write a single sentence is a far cry from having an Education that provides the capability to eventually find meaning employment and have a safe, secure and stable future.

Our mission is to address this problem at the grassroots level and help every child get a quality holistic Education that will allow them to take control of their futures. To do this, we look at solving two aspects of the problem that we see as most critical:

The socio-economic situation that a child is born into governs their entire life. For a child born into poverty, the opportunities to overcome it are slim to none. Access to quality primary and pre-primary education still remains financially out of reach. Even for those that are able to complete elementary schooling against all the odds stacked up against them, the majority of them are lagging so far behind others at their grade level, it is near impossible to catch up. Drop-out rates quadruple at the Secondary level. This is where the system fails them completely.

The problems: Enrollment is low, Drop-out rates are high

How we address this:

  • Commitment is critical. A one-time sponsorship, through it relieves immediate pressure, does not remove uncertainty and hence cannot solve the problem. So we commit to each child and sponsor their education in its entirety from pre-school until they can complete their schooling as well as collegiate degree. This also shows the children and their families that others are seriously invested in the child’s future and motivates them to step up to the challenge and work towards completion.
  • Financial assistance for fees is only one aspect of what a child needs to be able to study. To be able to apply their mind and work on the schooling they receive, children need a safe environment and relief from unfairly heavy responsibilities. Needing to work (often in risky conditions) or coming home to dangerous environments, can (and does) wear them down and make it impossible to keep up. So we look at each child’s situation as a whole and where applicable and possible, sponsor critical needs that will enable the families to give their children an environment conducive to serious study. It is impossible to keep drop-out rates from climbing without this support.
  • Most such children are first generation school and college go-ers. While some are blessed with families committed to their education, not all have the support they need within the confines of their immediate guardians. Guidance for the families/communities and mentorship for the children can make a significant difference in the way they approach and handle the multitude of obstacles that they face in this confusing and difficult path. So we stay involved. We speak to the children, their families, their schools and keep in touch with all stakeholders on a regular basis. We are there for them.

We work towards ensuring each of these children grow into responsible young adults who have the competency and confidence to take on life’s challenges and build themselves a brighter future. These children are OUR future. Join us in empowering them to build a better society and a better world!

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