Sushila Seshasayee

Active volunteer

Sushila is a big believer in education being the key to progress – it is the only way to enable an individual to stand on their own feet. Access to education and a safe and supportive environment to learn in, should be a basic right for all children. Sushila’s goal is to help enable this.

Echoing the sentiments of John Donne’s ‘No man is an island’, it is up to each of us to build the type of communities we want to live in, we all pay the price for its evils and we all benefit from its progress. Looking for a way to do her part in this by helping children build better lives, she was introduced to Beyond Intent. After witnessing the dedication and professionalism with which the organization was run, and the long lasting impact they were having, she was grateful for the opportunity to join hands with them in early 2016. Since then she has been working on ways to spread the message on Beyond Intent’s work, thought process and impact. She will take on bigger projects and aims to help the organization grow in reach and in impact.

In her professional life, Sushila is an engineer in the mobile communication and networking space. She loves music, books, travelling and being outdoors.

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