Stuti Kashyapa

Board member

Stuti joined Beyond Intent in August 2015. As she delved into her responsibilities, she took the initiative of interacting at a personal level with the sponsored children and their families in Islampur in western India. Stuti wanted to understand the perspectives of the families and the students’ hardships in order to dovetail her own role in the organization. At Beyond Intent, she is responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of projects that support education, healthcare and safety of Beyond Intent sponsored children in India.

Stuti has been a passionate advocate of education. She has practical and academic experience in early education settings in Canada where she was responsible for fostering education, safety and development of young children. In California, she volunteers her time to work with children with special needs. Promoting girls’ education holds a prime importance in Stuti’s life. What drove her interest in Beyond Intent is her strong belief that educating the girl child can place not just her family but the entire nation on the path to progress.

Stuti has a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development from the San Francisco State University and an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Algonquin College, Canada. In her free time she enjoys reading, dancing, hiking, and traveling with her family.

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