Sapna Goyani

Active volunteer

Sapna is a good friend and volunteer who has been helping us for many years now – from fundraising for our students to leading a team of tutors in an e-coaching initiative, she has been has been instrumental in supporting many of our programs through her group Kreate. She is very detail oriented and definitely has a big heart to help those in need. She has become a default go to person for us when we need someone to jump to the task and execute on any idea or project that will benefit the communities we serve. Here are a few words from her on her involvement with Beyond Intent:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – That is exactly the difference that education makes in the lives of the students who are supported by Beyond Intent each year. And this is the cause I wanted to support along with my group Kreate -The Difference (a community of enthusiastic women working together to help those in need in their communities as well as fund-raise for various Indian charities). We plan to support more and more kids each year.
Taking it a step ahead, we decided to teach these kids through an e-tutoring program where a lot of tutors are now giving an hour almost each week to teach English, Maths and Science to the orphanage kids of Gangadharbaba Chhatralay Guha. We hope to keep this initiative going and adding more and more tutors each month from US and India.
I am a Project Manager of Software Development by profession. I love to travel with my family, reading, music and plan outdoor activities.

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