Mahesh Balakrishnan

Active volunteer

Mahesh is a colleague turned enthusiastic volunteer. He has been helping us on many fronts – organizing the annual volleyball fundraiser, connecting needy and deserving students with us, and fundraising for them regularly. His wholehearted support for the cause has led him to initiate multiple projects with us that have helped many students in times of need. The cheerfulness and sincerity he brings to each of these initiatives is a big motivator for us as well as all those around him. Here are a few words from him on his work with Beyond Intent:

My name is Mahesh and I have been an Engineer at Qualcomm for over 10 years now. I have always been a happy-going and active person and passionate about sports.

I was just happy with my own life which pretty revolved around my work, sports and family and not much room for anything or anyone else. But things changed for good when I worked with Pavan and organized a Volleyball tourney at Qualcomm where the proceeds through the registration went to a little known organization called “Beyond Intent” in which Pavan was very much involved. That is when I came to know about the organization, the founding members and the work they do. I experienced how gratifying this whole thing was to make a little positive change in others’ lives. And the moment I realized Beyond Intent was the organization I also want to be associated with was after I had a kid, and to see her grow surrounded by parents who are able to provide her with anything she needed. That made me want to do a little for the less fortunate kids who don’t have such parents or means. I am also a believer that a good education will give kids a fair chance to compete in this world and I should do my bit towards that. The goodness of the founders, volunteers of BI and their transparent accounting with zero to minimal administrative expenditure made my decision easy. Though I am not as active as some of the other volunteers, I am happy to be associated with Beyond Intent and to be one amongst its volunteers.

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