Madan Pawar

Project Coordinator

Madan joined Beyond Intent as a Project coordinator in Febuary of 2016. Madan is based in India and is a critical bridge in ensuring everything runs smoothly on the ground. He works with the students through their application process, verifies their information, helps co-ordinate with the school authorities and works with the children and their families on any issues they may face. He does site visits on a regular basis so that we have a personal connection with the children and are always up to date on their situation. Here is a note from him (in Hindi) on why he chose to work with us:

A translation in English:

My name is Madan Pawar.

I really enjoy working with Beyond Intent. Here, I can do what I have always thought of doing. I have faced many problems in my life due to which I have had to give up my studies and start working to earn a living. Giving up my education meant I could not pursue many of the things that I would have liked to. Wherever I went, I was asked for my qualifications. That made me realize the importance of education. I told myself that even though I was never able to complete my studies, I will make it my mission to ensure my children get a good education. And if I am able to, I will help other children study too.  When I heard of Beyond Intent, I knew that I had found the avenue to achieve that goal.

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