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Beyond Intent is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of education for children from under privileged and low-income communities.

Our Mission: Looking beyond basic Literacy, our mission is to help at-risk children get a holistic Education that will allow them to live safe, productive and successful lives.

The problem: Our current projects are based in India. Here, we focus on two issues that we see as most critical:

  • Access to quality education: for children born into poverty, the ability to attend schooling of even a reasonable quality remains financially out of reach
  • High drop-out rates: financial and social pressures make it unfairly hard for first generation school go-ers to cope. Drop-out rates quadruple by the Secondary level.

Our solution: To be genuinely impactful, we believe the solution requires a long term commitment and a holistic focus that goes beyond basic sponsorship. To this end, we

  • Sponsor a child’s education in its entirety from Primary until they complete their schooling and even a collegiate degree.
  • Provide for critical needs that stand in the way of the child having a safe and secure learning environment that is conducive to study.
  • Stay involved through constant mentorship and feedback to support the child and their families as they work through hardships
  • Work in a thorough and transparent way that upholds the trust of our donors

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We believe every person has an aspiration, a capability, something to contribute, something to achieve. And they all have a right to be provided with the opportunities and tools to accomplish that. We hope you will join us in ensuring every child gets their fair chance.

Take a step today and help a child discover what they are capable of. Help them change your world.

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